Sin in the Laundry Basket

One day, in the middle of a day full of chores, I found a laundry basket full of clothes. It was odd since we had just emptied the laundry basket, but since Eldest daughter was cleaning her room I did not think much about the full basket.
Now let me take you back a few days... I had noticed that we were a little light on the whites in the house in general, like no one could find socks that matched and underpants were MIA. I mentioned this phenomena to my oldest. In my mind, filed, in hers... not so much.
Back to current day... I started sorting the laundry basket... one sock, more socks, brother's underpants, hhhmmm (lightbulb) These are the missing whites... a whole basket of them! And they were all clean.

So I go and ask... Eldest daughter are all those clothes in the basket dirty? The reply was, yes.

I go and look just to be sure.

Would you come and help me sort them? Are those really dirty? I think that's your brother's socks that have been missing. Are you sure they are dirty? (Insert angry, sassy negative response from eldest daughter, along with a secondary jab or more)  

I sent her to her room and followed for my discipline and as I was about to deliver my "don't talk to me that way" speech, God had another plan. He had something to teach me, He had something to say....

As I opened my mouth this came out.... I am just the person that is here to reveal your sin. I didn't do anything to deserve your attitude. The sin in the laundry basket, the sin of try to deceive me about whether they were clean or not, the sin of putting clean clothes in the laundry and not putting them up where they belong, days ago, that is between you and God. God has just asked me to reveal your sins to you at this point in your life. He uses Bible studies, your dad, my own conscience, Life groups, sermons.... many things to reveal my sin to me and he will use those things in your life more and more, but right now, today... this is how He is working.

I could see that God had come into our conversation, she was broken, she was hearing from God. I left her to pray alone for a minutes while I went to another room to pray myself.

See, I know my children are not really mine, they are a temporary gift and assignment from God. It is so hard to see that I am merely a vehicle for God to speak. All my disciple often comes from me being disrespected, sassed at, disobeyed, and honestly sometimes just from being annoyed. But that is not my job...

I am to simply reveal their sin to them and give God room to work.... in both of us.

Thank you Lord for grace... She can start again, and so can I.


It is most certainly the HARDEST blog post I have ever attempted to write. It has been a year, and what a year it has been.
This time last year my mom was sick and struggling in the hospital. I was at home with 4 children (the youngest being almost one) and not able to visit with her as much as I wanted. I always kept hope that she would get better, but that was not God's plan. So on Nov 29, she stepped into eternity. She was an amazing woman and everyday I miss her dearly.

I had to address the long "break" before I could be free to blog about the other things on my heart. I am sure I will have a fitting post about about her in the future but today I still hurt too much.