Support for a Sweetie

Isn't she a doll? She was born in May of 2011. So, she is about 17 months old. She has dark hair and those beautiful almond shaped eyes. She is healthy, no health problems that are known.
For a child with Down Syndrome she is most likely not even sitting up well yet. Sadly, she may not even be given the chance nor encouragement to sit up. See, she lives in a orphanage. Just another baby among many. With only hired hands to care for her, she doesn't know what a snuggle is. She may not even know what it feels like to be held, cradled in the arms of another.
I have taken on the challenge of getting her grant fund up to $1000 before the clock tolls the New Year's arrival. So far, I am doing a fundraiser through Tupperware. Please let me know if that is something you would like to help with. We are going to be trunking it at our church's Truck and Treat (it's really a "Trunk OR Treat", but the treats are in the trunk so really we ain't fooling anyone and I just rather live on the redeemed side of a time of year I wish didn't happen at all, *kicking soapbox and stepping down*). I am going to make cards to put in the treat bags with Morgan's page and Reece's Rainbow information on it. I have a few more things planned, I will let you know about them as they are prepared.
"Morgan" is also waiting for a mommy and daddy to come and get her. Have you seen them? Do you hear a knock at your heart's door? You don't have to be a superhero, there are no special requirements to be a parent you know. Just accept a fearfully and wonderfully made gift from the hand of God. She is on the other side of the planet, but what would you NOT do if your child was in a prison there. Their only crime, to be born different than the expected.
Take a look at her God designed beauty. Give an offering on the James 1:27 table. Share her picture to find her parents. Helping her will not put a dent in the over 163 MILLION orphans in this world, but it will make a world of difference to her.
Join me would you?
$1, $5, maybe even $10 straight to her grant (Angel Tree starts Nov 1). You could also buy some Tupperware from me, all profits go to Morgan.

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Farm School Marm said...

She is adorable!

ChrisW said...

My kids have been praying for her daily for over a year. We tried the link, but have not been able to find her on the website. Please let us know how she is doing.

Christene Watson

Brandee said...

Christene, Thank you so much for praying and caring for sweet Morgan. A family went all the way to her country this past year with the intent to adopt her. Upon their arrival, her paperwork was not available. This is a country that still uses paper files for all their orphans and her file could not be found at the time. They were heartbroken and decided to get another orphan's file while there. They have returned home and have adopted a little girl from the same region. When it was discovered that Morgan's file was lost, she was removed from RR website until her file can be found, so as to not have that happen again. Please keep praying for her, that her file will be found and that she will find a family. Thank you!